Ligament Reconstruction

Ligaments are the soft-tissue stabilizing structures between bones that keep  our joints stable. Ligament injuries can sometimes heal on their own but often do require surgical repair or reconstruction.

ACL Reconstruction

MCL Repair

LCL Repair


The meniscus is the soft tissue structure in the knee that acts as shock absorber during weight bearing activity. It is an important secondary stabilizer of the knee and our cartilage's first line of defense against progressive wear.

Meniscus Flap Removal

Meniscus Repair

Meniscus Transplant


Cartilage is the ultrasmooth substance that exists within the joint that allows us to cycle our joint 10,000 times a day without a thought; but when cartilage is damaged the previously smooth ride can become quite a bumpy one.

Cartilage Repair

Cartilage Reconstruction

Cartilage Regenerative Medicine

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